Saturday, 23 September 2017


Dress worn as duster - Flo & Frankie 
Bustier - PPZ
Jeans - Vintage
Shoes - Vans

I'm super glad its starting to warm up now. I've been a little uninspired and unmotivated probably cause I totally let this weather get to me so all I've been doing is rugging up in tons of warm layers! (sweatpants and blankets galore)

So I was lucky enough to receive this sick bustier from PPZ. The colour is a real nice deep navy that I think breaks up the black and white really nicely. Its a nice change from the black I'd usually go for when it comes to bustiers and bralettes. I think it be a little too 'matchy-matchy' if I paired the outfit with a white or black one :P 
I really want to pair this with a yellow mesh top for a true contrast with high waisted shorts. I'd also pair it with a low back bodysuit or cropped long sleeve with the trim of the bustier peeking out underneath. Honestly theres so many ways you could wear this man. There is also a burgundy bustier on the site that I'd like to get my hands on they are so nice! 

The shirt is actually a dress that I just tied at the front. I've been HOLDING out for summer basically all year which is really weird for me cause winter's usually my guy! So I wanted the outfit to look more relaxed and summery and I thought a loose knot in the front would do the trick. I think its complimented pretty well with the bustier peeking through the top if you didn't want to just have an open duster. 

What made the whole outfit pay homage to my style were my slip ons. You can definitely keep it casual and summery with chucks or flats with the dress by itself but my vans are a bit more... me?!! hahaha. You can also dress this up more with heels and make it a little more feminine with a black skirt and boots. DO YOU MAN!!

Now that its getting a lot warmer I'll for sure start breaking out my bralettes and tanks more often! I'm definitely starting to look forward to summer. :) 

Thanks to anyone who gave my lil space a lil peep, lemme know what you think by commenting. I'd love some feedback and ideas!
- Cheers