Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Tear Us Apart

Shirt - Gifted get it here 
Long sleeve - Buy here 
Skirt - Vintage similar
Creepers - Old get it here 

Here is another way I like to style a plaid skirt. Like I said in my last post I usually style my skirts with one of my many band shirts and decided I'd give you an idea of what that usually looks like. It has been so cold lately and instead of my usual fishnet or mesh top I went for (my sister's) striped high neck. It added more warmth and more... I don't know layer of dimension?! A little more detail than a plain coloured long sleeve could add. I would have added some tights (nude & fishnets) to add another extra layer of detail and warmth but couldn't find them anywhere. I usually add a couple extra layers on top of an outfit like this for colder days: hoodie, thick coat and tights. On hotter days I leave it as is but I'd just remove the long sleeve. 
I haven't worn my creepers in a minute! These and docs were literally all I wore since high school but I haven't had chance to for a while now because of work and weather really. I used to always style whatever I wore around my creepers (at times it was real unconventional especially when I was living in Australia!) Oh I've missed them hahah. 
Please excuse my hair and the dark lighting. I had a go at changing it up a bit and it went how it usually does... I think the darkness masks the fuzz on my head so at least they compliment each other. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I've seen a couple comments on some of my posts which is really nice to see! I love seeing what people have to say and appreciate any feedback. So with that said if you somehow stumbled across my little space and stayed till the end, big ups for sticking around! Let me know what you think or what you want to see on the blog by leaving a comment. Thanks so much have a great day!
- Cheers.