Sunday, 2 July 2017


School girl vibes & three dying flowers

My bro always finds me at the right time hahah!
Other bits and bobs used from today ft. old old book and dying roses lol. 

Long Sleeve - Country Road
Plaid Skirt - Vintage similar 
Platform Boots - Demonia 
Jacket - Sold out similar might grab this too
Backpack & beret - Gifted

This has quite a bit of a 'school girl' influence to it. I guess its my take on it. Long sleeve or white button up, a classic plaid skirt and backpack. What makes this more my style are these platform stompers! (which actually belong to my sister but our styles intertwine a lot so that has its goods and bads lol) My chokers, I've had for years now that I think about it aaandd my leather jacket that I got not so long ago. Man I've been looking for a leather jacket that had that classic biker look that WASN'T cropped which seems to be all that's readily available nowadays! The thing that makes this the shit for me is that it's made of vegan leather! Usually when it comes to faux and vegan leather the quality even looks cheap. So the fact this has tons of great detailing, the quality of the leather is amazing and it was a steal makes this perfect jacket yet and I've been wearing it! 
Other ways I usually wear the skirt is with my white ribbed crop with an oversized cardigan and opaque tights for something more relaxed and layered with tons of cozy shit. Or I'll pair it with one of my cut off band shirts over a mesh top with some fishnets and creepers. It's pretty friggin endless the possibilities! 

So my lil bro wandered in again as I was shooting. He's a bit of a distraction, he'll either get in the way and he always likes to gnaw on my shitty tripod leg. Or I'll want to put him in every single photo. Either way expect to see more of him cause he's a furry King hahah! 

Theres tons of other projects I'm super keen to get started on that aren't just fashion related that I'll hopefully get up on the blog soon. 
Like always if you stumbled across my blog thank you for checking it out and let me know what you think in the comments I'd love some feedback. Have a lovely day!
- Cheers.
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