Saturday, 15 July 2017

Fade Into You

Just corny as sh*t.

Creature shadows...
Shirt - sister's
Pants - H&M
Glasses - Asos
Checkered slip ons - Vans 

Hello there! Here is a quick look I did the other day. I went with a real slouchy and over sized silhouette (and sporty influence with the shoes) I guess I was channeling some 90s vibes. I definitely wanted to do something comfortable and fun with the 'matchy matchy' pattern and plan on posting more outfits featuring crazier colours and clashing designs.
 Fun fact, the sun was shinning nicely throughout shooting but I was freezing so much my cat became a heater for my fingers when the blood stopped circulating to my hands. :) 
I'm really glad I got my hands on these glasses! My usual go-tos are small 'Ozzy" styles (lol) but these caught my eye straight away and I think a bit of a play on the big round white framed shades that everyone's into at the moment. I think the shade of brown and shape of these sunnies are very nineties, which I love. Its always been one of my favourite eras of fashion, basically moments from the 70s-90s feature in my wardrobe. 
I realised that I totally need to change up my hair game quite a bit. Straight hair is the safest thing for me to do cause I suck at hair so bad. The smallest mistake puts me off completely and any curl or crimp I've done gets flattened out immediately. It's ridiculous. There's a certain way I like to wave my hair and  I'm not too big on big waves on myself especially with my hair length. I'll just need to get over it a and be more braver I know. 

So small outfit post and long irrelevant spiel later I just wanna thank anyone who checked out my lil space. I really appreciate it and would love some feedback, that can be done just by posting in the comment section haha. Have a nice day.
- cheers
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