Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Witching Hour

Lots and lots of magical shit to come!

These dudes are probably the most iconic witch gang of my childhood!
Musical Witch: The Stevie Series
Dream Gown 
Yeah I went there, I had to! 

I'm back after a long long time with an Inspiration post. I said I'd be more consistent with my posts and look what we have here. What... 3 months later? Classic procrastinator at its fines! aagggh. Like I said these are some images of people and pieces that have inspired/influenced the way I dress now and as a kid (The Craft, Stevie Nicks and Sabrina The Teenage Witch was one of favourite shows as a kid!) That witchy look is one of my favourite styles because there was always something magical (duh!) and mysterious to it. That occult aesthetic! There we go. 
I think one of the easiest ways to put together a witchy look is mixing black with textures. As you can see above velvet, lace (leather) and black are predominantly the main features in a witchy outfit and my usual go-to's when I want to look like I'm about to whip something up in my cauldron. XD 
I'm definitely going to do an outfit post featuring something witchy. I haven't been OP shopping in a while and thats where you can find some of the best shit! So something mystical will be in the making, STAY TUNED!

As always thank you to anyone who may stumble across my lil blog. Let me know whatcha reckon in the comments! Have a lovely day, cheers!

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