Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Whole Lotta Love

Messing around with patterns and layering.

Behind the scenes! Cheers punks.

Band Tee - Vintage similar 
Shirt - Vintage similar here & here
Velvet tights - Gifted similar 
Shoes - Vans

Aye! I didn't do my usual and updated a week later instead of three months! Not the usual for your typical procrastinator haha. I had no intention of posting this. I threw this on with the thought of just trying to stay warm in mind and thought it was way too casual to post. But I liked layering something you usually see the other way around and  just thought 'yeah let's chuck this up'. It was fun playing around with bold patterns and reckon I'm going to do something like this again but with every intention of posting it! lol. 

So I just got back from a nutrition workshop and couldn't stop thinking about our home made pizza waiting for me to smash. It was so good man. I also realised I mentioned that I would do a post that had an influence from different cultures which I'll make sure to get up soon! It's so interesting to see beauty/fashion trends from all over the globe and I know it'll be tons of fun incorporating different elements into my style and doing whole looks inspired by a culture. 

Ok time to wrap up! I basically spent all day on this post! I still don't have my camera so I've been doing what I can with my frikin phone and editing to get my pictures at a decent enough quality. Not that fun and obviously time consuming (especially when I don't have the first clue when it comes to editing). With the little resources I have, I've also been trying to get my blog in to shape and trying get it to look how I want it to. Which equally as difficult. Woe is me right. 
To end on a good note, thank you to anyone who powered through my endless ramblings on basically every post. You made it... again! Let me know what you think about this look in the comments it means tons! Have a lovely day. ;)
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  1. Love your dress, great summer look!

  2. A few days late but I also always enjoy checking out your blog! I love seeing images of your life, Finland and your travels. Keep it up :)