Monday, 27 March 2017

I'm Coming To Find You

A witch hunt for another girl.

My bazooka bro walked in while I was shooting!
Jacket - (Topshop sold out) real similar
Turtleneck - Decjuba
Tartan Trousers - vintage
Shoes - Zara

Here is a post with a few extra layers added this time! I remind myself how much fun I have getting these up. It can be a little tedious though when you don't have the shit you need for a blog and your doing everything on your own. It gives me more freedom to do what I want but I also love to have ideas thrown around when others are involved and the little extra help is always appreciated ha. This is another look that came out of the blue. I guess I felt like I needed to serve some grandma realness the day I shot these hahaha. I think this could work for warm and cold days. If you switched out the trousers for some denim cut offs, or even a plaid skirt for a school girl look!  As is you could wear it out for every day or for a night out a leather skirt and boots could work too! 
My next post I think I'll do an inspiration post, I think those are real fun to do! For a couple years I've been really inspired by Korean fashion. I've noticed super long sleeved oversize/crop shirts appear in more stores and sites around me recently but the style was booming already in Korea! Theres an interesting contrast between Asian and Western styles and I love experimenting with art, fashion, music etc from all kinds of cultures. So I'll do my best to have more of those things featured on the blog! 
Thanks for checking me out I hoped you enjoyed my rambling. Have a lovely day :)
- Cheers
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