Wednesday, 21 December 2016


 So as you can probably tell from the title I decided to do a post on how I would style denim cut offs. I thought this would be something fun to do and maybe give people a couple ideas on how to style their own. :)  Warning: Long post ahead haha

The first look I think has tons of summer... flare? hahaha. How else could you feel the summer vibes than a hawaiian shirt. This one obviously isn't your traditional hawaiian print but I still think it does the trick. When I need something really light to throw over my outfit, I'll go for any kind of short sleeve button up, so yep Hawaiian shirt. They also add an extra layer on dimension because of how graphic the prints can be. So feeling extra lazy I know I can throw one on and make my look a little less plain. 
My wardrobe is basically filled with second hand/vintage pieces more than anything. You can find so many gems in op shops its still pretty unreal to me. Almost everything in this look is vintage except for the shoes and accessories. Like I mentioned if its too hot or I'm lacking in creativity I'll add another layer and it'll totally change up the look of the outfit. A baggy/oversize fit is what I go for, for a more relaxed look. I think that kinda ties in to helping an outfit look more summery and relaxed! 
The last look I literally wear all the time. I basically live in band/graphic tees (you can ask anyone that knows me). I think its one of the most effortless outfits you can put together. Honestly I feel like a band tee and denim go well for any time of the year and they're must haves (in my wardrobe at least!)
So that was a really long post but I wanted to do something a bit different because I realised that all the my posts were easy, casual/simple kind of looks. But what are you gonna do? Its hot here and with my style there is only so much you can do with shorts and so far you can go past that! But I'm still exploring my style so expect to see different looks that aren't just a shirt and shorts in the future. :) So without further a do thanks for checking out my post! I would love to hear some feedback or any thoughts on these three looks and what anyone else wears when it gets too hot! Have a lovely day cheers!

Hawaiian shirt - Topshop simialr styles I like here, here
Everything vintage/second hand
Creepers - Similar here 

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